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There is no wonder that sports betting has already reached mainstream status among fans and gamblers in Southeast Asia. Countless people decide to invest money in various sports betting games for a chance to make a considerable amount of profit over time. Also, placing wagers adds immense thrill to games, making them more entertaining to watch.

The growing popularity of physical or online betting in Malaysia and Singapore has led to online punting platforms. Online applications make sports betting more accessible to the public and help bettors formulate an effective betting strategy with a centralized online source. In addition, it attracts countless rookie punters who are looking to make extra money on the side while supporting their favourite teams and players.

However, one thing that usually makes beginners turn their heads from betting is that losing has always been the trend in the gambling industry. It does add excitement to games but can also cause stress to punters, especially if they are continuously squandering their hard-earned money. This is why rookie bettors must take their time in learning the technicalities of betting types in the market and which of them is safest for beginners, as it helps significantly increase their chances of winning.

Handicap betting is widely considered one of the best markets for newcomers. This betting type is typically offered for games where teams or players are considered not balanced against each other. Sportsbooks will determine which of the two competitors are favoured to win so that they will have a handicap on the final score, while the underdog will be given a head start. The bettors will need to decide whether the conditions imposed by the bookmakers are over or understated.

One other famous market for rookies is total line betting, also called over/under betting within the industry. This is a goal-based wager where gamblers must decide whether the total goals by both teams by the end of the match would be over or under the betting line set by the sportsbook. Apart from total goals, numerous bookmakers offer betting lines for goals scored in halves or quarters per game.

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